Dyslexia and Learning to touch-type

Choosing a Programme

Which programme?

  • choose something that maintains interest but does not
    become difficult too quickly

*avoid programmes which try to
quickly develop all three at once*

  • check if the programme is designed for school or home

What are your aims?

  1. use of keyboard layout using correct fingers
  2. accuracy


    *it may be helpful to say the
    letters as you type*

  3. speed

Does it have dyslexia friendly features?

  • multi-sensory – seeing, hearing, doing


    *typing programmes which group
    similar spelling patterns can also help spelling*

  • has text AND auditory instructions  (or have your text to speech
    software running)
  • has on screen keyboard whilst you are learning
  • has an uncluttered screen with minimum
  • avoid ones that get you to type made-up words

Using the programme and practicing

  • go for frequent short sessions
  • covering letter keys with stickers may prevent you
  • stickers can also be used to convert your keyboard to
    lower case, e.g. those sold by Inclusive Technology
  • disable autocorrect in every day word-processing work
    (In XP Tools>Autocorrect Options>uncheck box ‘Replace text as you type’)
  • For more tips see: www.bdatech.org/learning/typing-skills
    and www.nimblefingers.com

For the full document, including suggestions for free and commercial programs, click: Learn to touchtype

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