For help and information ring 0845 22 60 240

Dyslexia Network Plus provides a range of services.  These include:

Advice and support

This can be sought via the Helpline and at all our sessions, from teachers and parents with wide experience of dyslexic learning differences.

For help, information, or consultation on dyslexic issues, ring 0845 22 60 240 for more details.

Handy guides

We produce guides that can be downloaded – more in the pipeline!

Some helpful hints to help parents prepare for the annual review meeting with teachers  Parents Review

You could also find useful information here:

An overview of some of the software that is helpful for dyslexic users  Software guide 

Some advice on teaching/learning keyboard skills Learn to Touchtype

There are many features in MS Word, that can be very helpful to dyslexic users of all ages. You need to ‘poke around’ in the menus, but here are some tips on how to access them.    MS Word support

Dyslexia screening


We have the Lexion screening software which will provide some analysis of your child’s learning differences and if appropriate, there are exercises you can take home to run on your own computer.


Colorimeter screening

Some children have sensitivity to the the contrast of black print on white paper and this may be impinging on their ability to read.  A simple screening will establish if this is a problem or not.


If you are faced with problems with the LA or school in geting the support your child needs, our Befriender can provide advice and support.

Meeting and talking to people with similar problems and successes

One of the most successful aspects of a support group is meeting with others who have, or have had similar problems.  It is not just a ‘moaning session’, but the chance to share good ideas and find solutions to apparently unsolvable problems.

For help and information ring 0845 22 60 240

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