What is Dyslexia?

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a neurological condition which affects from 10-20% of the population.  It is probably genetic, but symptoms can be acquired from brain damage at birth, or due to a stroke.

Neurodiversity is a collective term for the following conditions. Dyslexia is rarely found on its own, but usually in combination with at least one of these other dys-abilities: –

 Where can we find more information?

The British Dyslexia Association  has a wealth of information and sources of resources.  For information on using ICT with dyslexic people, look at the BDA New Technologies Committee’s website www.bdatech.org

iANSYST    is a company that provides technical support and reviews of a range of equipment and software.

Adult Dyslexia Organisation  provides information on getting help with literacy and numeracy skills and coping with dyslexia in the workplace.

PATOSS   is the teachers’ organisation for those working with dyslexics; also has a teaching qualification.

North Yorkshire CC has a new concise but friendly guide for parents: Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Mainstream Schools.  Click for  SEN leaflet 

There are two helpful guides for families with  primary or secondary children http://www.parentchampions.org.uk/resources/understanding-dyslexia-booklet/

Other dyslexia related organisations in North Yorkshire

It is not within the remit of Dyslexia Network  Plus to endorse these organisations, but suggest they may be useful for further information/support :

Dyslexia North East (Tyneside) www.dyslexianortheast.org   Tel: 0786 826 3696 info@dyslexianortheastengland.org.uk


Literate Ltd  (Skipton) http://literate-ltd.com/about.html

Ryedale I.D.L. Dyslexia Centre   (Malton)Unit 6, The Maltings, 7 Castlegate, Malton, YO17 7DP, North Yorkshire            Tel: 01653 699001

York IDL Dyslexia Centre  3, Grange St, York, YO10 4BH, North Yorkshire  Tel: 01904 652530


For help and information ring 0845 22 60 240


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